Driven to create unique home-grown food concepts that bring people together, the Independent Food Company is a UAE-based hospitality company with multiple concepts under it’s umbrella – SALT, Switch, Parker’s, Grind, Somewhere and Public.

We are looking for experienced Kitchen Equipment Technician who possesses the following qualities:

Key Responsibilities:

1.Multi-disciplinary Oversight:
• Share expertise in troubleshooting and problem-solving.
• Oversee maintenance activities across multiple disciplines, including basic electrical,
plumbing and carpentry.

2.Troubleshootiing and Repair:
• Diagnose complex issues and perform advanced repairs on various Kitchen equipment’s.
• Mentor technician in effective troubleshooting techniques.
• Performing multitasking works.

3.Equipment Inspections:
• Conduct regular inspections of kitchen equipment’s, HVAC systems, and other facilities to
identify and address potential issues.
• Ensure a proactive approach to maintenance to prevent disruptions in service.

5.Training and Development:
• Provide training and development opportunities for technicians, enhancing their skills and
• Stay informed about industry advancements and share relevant information with the team.

6.Safety Oversight:
• Implement and enforce safety protocols within the maintenance department to create
secure working environment.
• Ensure compliance with health and safety regulations during all maintenance activities.

7.Documentation and Reporting:
• Maintain accurate records of maintenance activities, including work orders, equipment
histories, and performance reports.
• Generate regular reports for management, summarizing key performance indicators and
areas for improvement.

Collaborate with store managers, maintenance coordinator and maintenance supervisor to plan and
execute maintenance activities